We deliver within 48 hrs of purchase once funds are recieved and cleared as follows:

local delivery

Items weighing 150 lbs and less will be delivered within corporate area free

However for items weighing in excess of 150 lbs there may be a a small fee charged to offset fuel and handling (speak to your customer service rep for details

Out of town delivery


If a vehicle is already headed to or will be passing your location then the delivery may be free provided that the item is 150lbs or less

Option 2

If the above (option 1) is not available then a small fee will be charged to offset fuel and in the case here the item exceeds 30 lbs a handling charge.

Overseas shipping:

Shipping will be done by a shipping company in Jamaica who we are are sure will deliver great service every time However, just so you know,  all shipping fees,customs duties etc will have to be borne by you the client.


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