How To Set Up Your Shop

Step 1 Click Login/Sign up (red button top right hand )




Step 2 – Enter username ( or email) and password




Step 3 – Under Product Manager on the left click “Add Product”


Step 4 Scroll down to “General” and  Click “Title” this is where you put in the name of the product.

SKU (stock Keeping Unit) is a product code and can be ignored

Prices– put your price here without commas or period or dollar sign eg 12000 not 12,000.

Short Description– This gives a short description of the product on the front page and can be ignored

Description: This where you will put the description of the item like the specifications etc .



Next Step – Click on “Featured Image ” and upload your image . This will be the main product image . Before you do so however it is recommended that you minimise the file size by compressing the image . You can download and use the free software RIOT .

Gallery Images are additional images you can upload that may provide additional views of the item




Next Step  – Choose the category of the items . eg”tools and equipment”

You can then click “Submit” .Usually the first items has to be approved by admin to ensure that inappropriate content is not uploaded . Thereafter the restriction will be lifted.

Other tabs  you may be interested in :

Store settings: This is used to customise your store like the colour and so on.

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