Frequently Asked Questions
How do I buy on NuffDeals
To buy anything on NuffDeals you may (1) click the add to cart button and your transaction will be processed ,just follow the instructions
(2) come into office and pay for the item
What are the means of payment available
We for your convenience, offer a variety of payment options
• Process your credit card through Paypal .you will however need a paypal account but if you don’t have one you can quickly set up one by clicking the ”Create A Paypal account link
• Wire transferr when this option is selected ,relevant bank information is displayed so you can wire the funds to our account
• Bill express payment platform before using this option you need to contact us either by phone or by email for us o assign you an account number so you can use when paying.
• Cash on Delivery you can also order your item and pay when the item is delivered

Can my purchase be delivered
Yes we offer free delivery for some items within Kingston and st Andrew in addition to portmore and Spanish town.
Outside of those areas and for larger pieces there may be a small fee fordelivery , speak to a customerservice rep if in doubt
Can I return an item
Yes you can ,we have a 30 day money back guarantee please see our return policy
How can I sell on NuffDeals
There are essentially two ways you can start selling on Nuffdeals
1. You can contact us and we will set everything up for you at no cost to you
2. But if you are the DIY type then you can sign up
There will be a small waiting time (from minutes to a few hours) after which if you are not selling  anything illegal (like pornography etc ) you will receive an email giving approval. But if you need approval urgently then you can email or call us for immediate attention .
After approval you may then log in to the vendor dashboard and set up whether a shop or a single item ……….you are in business!
Are there any fees for selling
No its absolutely free
How will I get paid
You can process your own payment by wire transferr, cod but however if the payment is processed through the site using the paypal payment platform (using debit or credit cards) then we will disburse your payment every ten days.
Who will be responsible for fulfilment after someone purchases from me
You are responsible for fulfilment however if you require us to assist in processing the order or with delivery then we would charge a small fee (nothing great).